Free Parking for Healthcare Providers During COVID-19

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Healthcare providers are focused on delivering quality care in hospitals and focus on quality care. Healthcare physicians, staff and volunteers work hard every day to tend to the needs of patients and visitors at the hospital. 

During this pandemic, they are risking their health and the health of their families to take care of the unprecedented number of ill from COVID-19. Many of the healthcare providers also have spouses, who due to the pandemic and mandatory closures for non-essential businesses, are not working during this time. Adding to their stress, the financial burden that so many are experiencing.

Those who don't have the money to pay for parking, are parking up to a kilometer away and walking. This is an EXTREMELY long walk after 12 exhausted shifts containing caring for your loved ones, keeping people alive and cared for and the inevitable Code Blues.

These are our front line people. The very last thing they should need to think about is paying for parking, to take care of our loved ones.

Please, support and take care of our healthcare providers with no parking fees. A little, goes a very long way.

Respectfully..the proud Mother of a Nurse.