For a Student Strike Against Ford’s Education Cuts!

For a Student Strike Against Ford’s Education Cuts!

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Marco LaGrotta
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We the undersigned support a student strike to defeat Doug Ford’s cuts to student assistance, university budgets and student services.

On Jan. 17, the Ford government announced that it would implementing a series of cuts to post-secondary education. These include:

  • Eliminating grants that covered tuition costs for students from families earning less than $50,000.
  • Eliminating the six-month, interest-free period on loans when students graduate.
  • Cutting the budgets of universities and colleges, which will harm campus workers and reduce the quality of education.
  • Undermining funding for student unions, student newspapers and campus clubs.

This is a direct attack on working class students, student democracy and campus workers, and must be opposed by all means possible.

On the weekend of Jan. 18-20, delegates at a general meeting of the Canadian Federation of Students approved a motion to create a plan for an Ontario student strike. We declare our support for student strike action to defeat Ford’s cuts to education.

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