Essential Hospital Workers are NOT receiving Pandemic Pay

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NOT all essential hospital staff will be receiving Pandemic pay. As it stands Doug Ford has decided the following jobs are NOT eligible for the temporary pay increase or for recognition of our dedication and the extremely difficult jobs we do everyday in the epicenters of the current health crisis. 

Clerical/administrative, Paramedical/allied health professionals (Pharmacists, Lab Techs, Dieticians, Diagnostic Imaging Techs, as well as other very essential hospital staff. Click here to see the full list of who is eligible Essential Staff

We believe that anyone who works in any hospital during this pandemic is essential and deserves to be recognized and compensated as such. We all put ourselves and our families at risk everyday in order to keep our communities and our most vulnerable patients safe while still practicing patient centered care. We come to work and face the risk and uncertainty of Covid-19 because we care about people, the people you love most. Many of us are working in hospitals that currently have multiple outbreaks. Most staff cannot practice social distancing with patients because they are unwell and require assistance. Patients coming to our hospitals are alone, without the physical presence of their family members and/or support system. We are here everyday for them, for you. 

Even if we wanted to walk off the job in protest of this totally discriminatory decision, it's illegal for us. Why? Because we are considered ESSENTIAL staff by our Government. Why aren't we recognized as such during this health crisis??

This needs to change immediately!!! Please sign this petition and forward it to everyone you know so that all hospital workers receive the Pandemic Pay. 

If you truly support ALL healthcare workers, sign this petition so we truly can be "all in this together"