Petition Premier Ford to cut the number of Thunder Bay city councillors in half

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I am petitioning Premier Doug Ford to cut in half the number of Thunder Bay city councillors from 13 to only 7 city councillors.

Currently Premier Doug Ford is looking to cut the number of Toronto city councillors in half from 45 to 23.  I propose that there are many other cities in Ontario that need a drastic reduction in the number of city councillors, Thunder Bay being one of them. 

Currently Thunder Bay has 12 councillors plus a mayor for a population of 107,909 people.  That works out to be a councillor for every 8300 people.  If this was applied to Toronto with a population of 2,731,571 - Toronto should have 329 councillors by Thunder Bay standards. 

Obviously this is ludicrous and even though we could probably cut more than half, half is a reasonable start for Thunder Bay.

Another comparison city is Vancouver.  The city of Vancouver has only 11 city councillors.  How does Thunder Bay have more city councillors than the 8th largest city in Canada! (Thunder Bay is ranked 50th)

(Figures taken from Wikipedia)