Make Ford do More for Climate Change

Make Ford do More for Climate Change

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Earlier, Federal government leader Justin Trudeau has announced that a carbon tax would take action, meaning companies would have to pay to continue to use carbon.  Doug Ford disagrees with this message, stating that it would risk jobs of many.

So far, we haven’t seen the concern for the environment from the government as we feel is necessary.  We want more action. We need to have stricter laws and policies that will minimize pollution. Prioritizing jobs over the environment is only digging our grave further.  

We've also found that the Minister of Environment has little to no experience in the environmental world.  This isn’t an attack on him personally, but as climate change’s level of severity increases, so does our concern.  We feel as if the role isn't taken as seriously as it should be.

If the Ford government is truly “For the people”, please sign to show what the people want: an environmentally friendly Ontario.