We demand better from our government for our kids return to elementary school!!

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The Ontario government’s “plan” for elementary schools is sending 28 students and a teacher back into a room for 6 hours/day with poor to no ventilation and probably only enough space for 30 cm of distancing between desks. This is irresponsible, reckless and shameful. It shows  an extraordinary lack of care for the health and safety of our children, teachers, school staff, and communities!!!


Dr. Theresa Tam
#COVID19 Safety Tip: avoid or strictly limit time spent in Closed spaces, Crowded Places and Close Contacts situations. Less is best – don’t double or triple dip into the high-risk 3-Cs!




No mandatory testing of staff, but they’ll be removed on showing symptoms. All of which means they’ll have been spreading the virus for two weeks unchecked. And returning 24 hours after a negative test? What happened to the notion that you were contagious for two weeks after symptoms abate?Why are elementary students not worth the same investment as high school students????

It is irresponsible to have kids packed up like sardines without social distancing,  mask wearing etc. These protocols were set in place to protect us and keep us adults safe. Why is it not extended to our most vulnerable kids.  There are kids with underlying illnesses. These are 4 -6 year olds. They will not understand social distancing. At that age, these kids just wanna hang out and play with friends. 


We have evidence from countries and regions in Canada and around the world that went back to school, which shows that it CAN be done safely, without a surge in cases. The evidence suggests that the way to do this (along with other measures) is SMALL CLASS SIZES. Mask wearing and social distancing measures. At the elementary level with full classes, social distancing will be impossible!! but masking is optional????? 

We as parents WANT/DEMAND 15 kids per classroom, alternating days, mandatory masks wearing  and social distancing for all elementary schools.


The most up-to-date report from Sick Kids and the CDC on reopening schools stresses that the government MUST prioritize reducing class sizes (“COVID-19: Guidance for School Reopening,” https://www.sickkids.ca/PDFs/About-SickKids/81407-COVID19-Recommendations-for-School-Reopening-SickKids.pdf :

- “Addressing structural deficiencies, such as large class sizes, small classrooms and poor ventilation, must be part of any plan to reopen schools“ 

- “Smaller class sizes should be a priority strategy as it will aid in physical distancing and reduce potential spread from any index case… Decisions should take into account the available classroom space in addition to the number of exposures that would occur should a student or staff test positive… Where needed, the use of non-traditional spaces should be explored to accommodate smaller classes in order to allow daily school attendance. 







Kids do die and will die. Doesn't matter the country! https://www.facebook.com/5550296508/posts/10161151922346509/?sfnsn=mo


Article from a teachers point of view. Government taking unnecessary risks to back to school protection measures of our kids. Aug 2/2020



This is the guidelines from professional scientists,  doctors etc

Correct and consistent use of cloth masks, rigorous cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing, and frequent hand washing strategies, which are recommended in CDC's recently released guidance to reopen schools, are critical to prevent transmission of the virus in settings involving children and are our greatest tools to prevent COVID-19".


Please sign!!  As parents, grandparents, students, teachers, school staff, and community members, we DEMAND a back-to-school plan that we can trust to give us a chance at staying in school this year. Families must not be forced to choose between risking their safety and opting out of our publicly-funded education system.