Change Ontario Education Curriculum to incorporate Black Literacies

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“Violence will not cease as long as the curriculum reinscribes and perpetuates violence”  - Lamar L. Johnson, Johnnie Jackson, David O. Stovall, and Denise Taliaferro Baszille

KIDS MATTER MOVEMENT #BlackEducationMatters

Ontario's education system continues to leave out black histories and experiences from the current curriculum. Black youth are tasked with constantly having to learn the history of their oppressor while their voices and experiences are silenced. There is a lack of representation in who is teaching Black youth, but also in what black youth are being taught. When Black youth see themselves in the curriculum it is often as the antagonist of stories. Black experiences are told in a way that perpetuate violence against black youth by labelling them as “criminals, or deviant youth”. We have the power to make change in our education system and to prevent anti-blackness from being perpetuated in the minds of our youth. Incorporating Black Literacies into the education system will counter racist and white supremacy narratives and allow for black voices to be heard. 

Signing this petition means you want to see an increase in diversity in what children within Ontario’s education system both at the elementary and high school level are learning. As advocates who are fighting anti-black racism outside of the system, we need to challenge the Ontatario government and bring the fight into the systems we are sending our black youth to. Call out The Ontario Primer and the Minister of Education who fail to recognize the pitfalls of the education system, ask them to step up and change the education system to incorporate Black literacies into the Ontario elementary and high school curriculum.