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Hello All, 

Cutting back on tuition is fantastic, However placing students in a position where they can’t afford day to day living is not constitutionally right. As individuals living in a society where education is a necessity, what makes it right to hold students back from achieving the success they deserve? The government is supposed to look out for civilians and have their BEST INTEREST in mind. Taking away the 6-Month grace period which was already a topic to be discussed, puts students in positions that will cause them to go into poverty and lack the basic necessities to live. Furthermore, eliminating/decreasing the grant options creates even more financial debt for students who are struggling as it is to make ends meet.Students will not be able to pay rent, support themselves or purchase the academic resources they need to succeed. Instead of moving one step forward we have just moved 3 steps back. Can’t we take notes from our European counterparts who have a siginificanlty different approach to education (ie France, Germany, Sweden). This would be a huge step back in Canadian history and just shows that the government does not have our best interests at heart. If this was the case there would be some kind of opposing force to the almost impossible new implementations being put in place. We are the children of the country, we are the future! Invest in the future of Canada. Provide equal access and opportunity to all members of society regardless of income.

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