Stop Doug Ford from stopping pain clinics

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Doug Ford is trying to stop pain clinics. 

A lot of people need pain clinics who have chronic pain one of them is my mum. My mum has chronic pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis, degenerative spinal disease, scoliosis and severe migraines. My mum has tried everything from strong pain killers to medical marijuana nothing works apart from nerve block injections. My mum conditions are only going to worse. Giving her injections gives her the chance to do things with her family. I go to her pain clinic with her the amount of people with same things as mum is insane and they all need the injections. I would like to see if Doug Ford could handle days and days with severe pain. He wants to only try and give people 4 injections a year when my mum goes nearly every week and has 30 injections a week which sometimes doesn’t help. 

so please sign my petition to stop him I am going to fight for everyone with chronic pain !