Let small businesses in Ontario open NOW!

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We need to open up the economy for small businesses NOW! What is happening in Ontario is completely unfair and unjust when big box stores can remain open (ie Costco, Walmart) that allows ALL goods to be sold.  There are more people in the big box stores congregating then there ever would be in a small business.  Our vibrant communities will suffer tremendously if this continues anymore and has already made a huge impact that maybe irreversible. The government is systemically killing small businesses in favour of large corporations. Within Canada, COVID 19 has only greatly impacted the elderly in nursing homes and retirement homes, the workers within those facilities and  people with compromised immune systems whom should remain self isolating.  The government's effort should be re-evaluated to the people at most risk and not hold everyone else at ransom. The government promised once the curve flattened they would ease up, this has happened and we are on the decline yet nothing has changed and more EXCUSES of why we need to keep the economy shut down!  This needs to end NOW, let us go to work otherwise our local communities are going to devastated.