5000 birds dies every 24 hours. Time is running out. Ban plastic bags in Ontario

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                Imagine, your a duck. Your habitat used to be clean sparkling blue water with your nest in the cattails. But now your water, that used to be sparkling blue is now full of pollution, turning the water a muddy brown from all the pollution. Your nest is full of litter and it is now not safe for you to live there. Now you are suffocating from a plastic bag, that has been rolling in your pond, and you have no air to breath. This is a reality for many ducks and other birds in Ontario. In one year,  approximately one million ducks die from plastic entanglement, and approximately 100,000 marine creatures die from plastic entanglement a year,and these are just the ones found. While we live entitled lives, having plastic bags at our hands every time we forget our grocery bags, wildlife is suffering, and suffocating. We are a world where we don't care about wildlife, and we are harming innocent wildlife all for the sake of being lazy, or saving a buck. I believe that we are harming our earth, with plastic bags. Isn't it better to know that for one dollar, you could save thousands of birds a year? It may not seem like a huge amount of effort, but it saves lives of innocent wildlife. If you are a person, and someone littered thousands of plastic material in your yard and your new baby just suffocated in those bags, how would you act? you probably wont like plastic bags again, you would for sure want someone to do something about it. So I challenge you. Think about if your baby suffocated from plastic bags how you would feel  or if you were a duck that suffocated from plastic entanglement, that please, buy cloth grocery bags, not plastic bags.  If you don't want to see wildlife die for our gain, then please sign this petition. one signature will save lives.


Please pass this link to other people to sign, the more voices we have, the bigger the impact we can make.