Protect ALL American History!!!!

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Protect ALL American History!!!!

We respectfully request the Governor and Legislature of Arizona pass a comprehensive Monument Protection Bill designed to protect ALL of Arizona's history.  Monuments, historical sites, graves, memorials, commemorations, living history, etc. should be protected by law.

STOP the destruction of History!

All of the destruction of monuments in recent history has been due to people disliking the FACTS behind these reminders. Regardless of how "afraid," or 'unsafe," people might feel due to the historical nature of any monument, the destruction of those monuments erase important historical reminders. Factual history of any nation that include religious and political reminders should not be forgotten. Each serve to remind its citizens of the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of their own history, and all nations consist of all of these elements.

Each nation consists of historical foundations that set them in motion and made them nations. When those foundational reminders are removed, all that is left are unstable principles that will quickly crumble.

Invaders of any nation have been known to destroy the history of the people before them, tearing down the nations foundational principles so that they can build up their own foundations and steer that nation in whichever direction they'd like. Today, it seems that it's not only invaders rising up to do this, but also natural born Americans.

START protecting our past for our future!!

Join me in signing this petition to protect ALL historical monuments and memorabilia.  This petition will be sent to the Governor of Arizona, when we reach our goal of 1,000 signatures, and again for every 500 signature after that.   A proposed Monument Protection Bill is currently seeking legislative sponsorship and Arizona Legislators are continually being approached with the draft.   Alabama was successful in passing a law of this nature.  Arizona can do the same!!!

The time to act is NOW!!!


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