My fiancée was WRONGLY convicted! I'm fighting for a pardon / clemency!

My fiancée was WRONGLY convicted! I'm fighting for a pardon / clemency!

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My name is Weronika Lipka (Robins), and I am circulating this petition to both raise awareness and gain SUPPORT for a very important cause. We have all heard, seen, and read stories about people (especially in the USA) being WRONGFULLY convicted of crimes, and this is most typical amongst those who are poor. My fiancée Andrew Robins is ONE of those stories.

In 2009, Andy was convicted of 2nd degree murder of a man in 2007. Because he was poor, Andy could not pay for a suitable, qualified, and competent defense team. His attorneys basically went through the motions and never really put up a fight. Thus, Andy was easily convicted and sentenced to serve 100 % of a 22-year sentence. He has already served 14 years, but he should have been home years ago. After 14 years in prison, Andy has more than served his time, paid his debt, and has bettered himself through education and programs.


Signing a petition is not only a great responsibility, it is also an incredible privilege. Signing a petition allows otherwise silenced voices to be heard, and it allows many people to unite and be a part of something much greater. Petitions are how large movements are begun, and starting a movement is exactly what I'm trying to do. I have created THIS petition to reach out to you and to ask for YOUR support!

By placing your name and your signature on this petition, you are saying several things. First you are acknowledging that you believe my fiancée Andy was treated unfairly. Next, you are saying that you are in support of bringing him home immediately. You are saying that Andy deserves either clemency or a commuting of his sentence, and you are saying that you believe Andy will be successful upon his release and that we will obey the law. Are YOU willing to say these things and support us? We hope so!

The signatures on THIS petition will be made available to the courts, to potential clemency attorneys, and to the clemency board members (including the governor) themselves.

With YOUR help and with a voice that screams out too loud to be ignored, we CAN WIN justice for Andy and bring him home.

Many of you who are reading this already know me, know Andy, or you know both of us. However, if you are new to us and our story, we invite you to get to know us through the BLOG Andy writes from prison.

It is called:


Facebook: Looking Through The Razor Wire

Instagram: Looking Through The Razor Wire on Instagram

Andy is a kind, intelligent, and soulful man, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. After reading a few of his blog posts you will see just how different he is, and worthy he is of YOUR support.

For those of you who already know Andy and I well, it is YOUR support we need the most!!! It is through you that OUR story and THIS petition will be sent out and be seen by thousands of people, and we PRAY that your commitment is strong. 

We CAN'T do this without you! PLEASE spread this petition to family, friends, and anyone who is bold enough and brave enough to speak out against injustice and wrongdoing.

In conclusion, we are asking for 5.000-10.000 signatures!!! That is an INCREDIBLY large number, but we feel is is large enough that it cannot be ignored. With 5.000-10.000 signatures, those in power have no choice but to acknowledge our plea and our cry for help. Having said all that, only one question remains - will YOU stand with me and help me bring my fiancée Andrew Robins home???

PLEASE sign this petition and join our cause. I am ALWAYS available to speak about Andy, so please contact me if you have any questions.

THANK YOU for your time and consideration, and THANK YOU for your signature and your support.

(If you do not want your name on the petition, you can check a box and your name will not be displayed!)

With utmost sincerity,

Weronika & Andy