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THe DUC is not a fair business, or does it conduct itself fairly and respectfully to its customers. The games are too tight, slowly and or sometimes swiftly a players chips are exhausted by the games, forcing players to quit and or buy chips. Many players will testify to this account. They also boldly lied to me in an email. many feel they are not a legit and upfront business. Many feel they are a scam, a well covered and camouflaged scam. WE feel that if the records were audited it will clearly indicate that the winning percentage is not 98 percent as claimed. Also, the DUC claims .......Some of the land-based casinos provide different payout according to player's bet range, but we refuse to introduce this system because we believe that all the players in our casino deserve a fair chance of winning regardless of the amount of money they have or spend.Also, we guarantee you that we never use fake skills to extort players. They have recently installed a jack pot multiplier, thus, they DO have a different pay out per bet range. The DUC extorts a players chips by not replacing lost chips due to disconnects, freezes and or manintenance runs done by the duc. At times, some and or all the chips may be returned, but there are times when the duc simply will not give a 100 percent refund to the player who lost chips, outside of betting. The price for chips is excessive for a game, especially one where the chances of losing are much greater then winning.

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The DUC is not a fair business and we, the united players feel the business should conduct itself in a fair and just manner, or The DUC should be audited and/or removed from face book and the web. We, the players seek to have the percentage based betting removed from the games and return back to the original form of betting. We, the players seek to have the slots to be easier to win on, not jack pots per se, but for the spins to not be dead as frequently as they are now. Many players feel and have experienced an exhaustion of their chips in swift fashion, and they were not betting high either. The games are rigged to favor the duc , the slots are much too tight. We, the players request for you, in detail to explain and show hard evidence of your claimed 98 percent win ratio. We, the players are forming boycotts in conjunction with not just solely this petition, but others that are on face book and being signed. In order to show you that we feel the site is not fair, not just and has no respect for its players. Your disclaimer about percentage betting, unless you have changed it, is misleading and nothing more then a false statement. You clearly stated that you would never implement percentage betting, yet have not kept your word. You claim you have a win ratio of 98 percent, yet many players have lost too many times and too many chips, for that to be the case. We, the players, request that you have a conference call on Skype with a select few of the players united to discuss these issues. While I am not saying your claim to win ratio is false, I am saying that many, many, many players feel that it is not correct. Due to their experiences on the DUC. Persoannly I had 6 billion chips and I am now down to 2 million or so...if your win ratio is 98 percent, why then is my chip count so little? My experience is just one example of how the players are concluding the ratio is misleading. We enjoy the site, the games, the social activity, but we do not enjoy losing time after time after time............only to have a pop up arrive on our screens asking us to buy chips, and at a very high cost in our opinion. It is fake chips, no player can win real money. The only one making any real money is you, and we feel thats all you care about. Most who have signed this petition will be quitting the DUC soon if changes are not made. Many will take many of their friends with them. There is a mega uproar about the DUC and how it conducts business. I asked you to meet with a select group on skype and solve these issues so we ALL may benefit. We, the players are the casino, not the games themselves. While there are some players who do not have an issue with the duc, there is wide spread dislike for it. To summarize, the percentage based betting is disliked by many players, it simply is not fair. Not with the dead spins your slots present time after time. While a player may win, it is the consensus of may players that the game will take back all the player won and continue to slowly exhaust a players chips, forcing them, if they desire to play, to purchase more chips. The bonus collectors take time and effort and more often then not, after spending time gathering bonuses. The way the games are designed now, the player rapidly is exhausted of their chips. Greeted by the irritating pop up to purchase chips. There is a consensus that the 98 percent win ratio incorrect. Many feel there is no real support from the duc and the support staff. Personally, when the support staff lied to me, it was at this time I felt that money is all the duc is concerned with. Listening to and observing others who share the experiences I have had, only strengthens our theory that the duc is only concerned with how much money they can make, not the experience and fun the players should be having. Everything I am sharing with you I am saying mildly, others do not use such benign words. We all agree though, that what you claim and what we experience is two different things. On a personal note, I cannot understand why you would go against yourself and install percentage based betting. You certainly know it would only reduce a players chips at a very fast rate. This is a game Mr. Smith, not a real casino. Yet you treat it as if it is a real casino, where all the games favor the house. We are here for fun and to see how high we can get our play chip count up to, gather with others and have on line social net working. WE cannot win any real money, and we should not have to purchase chips at a ridiculously high rate. We should win more often then lose, and everyone should be a winner....there should be no losers...its fun to win and quite the bore to sit and spin, spin, spin...lose.lose.lose. The players united desire to speak to you and discuss the issues with you personally. I know you would have a better understanding if you sit and actually listened to others. If you opt to not do this, eventually the duc will come to a halt. People will only take so much and the few who do win wont keep the duc open, and you know news on FaceBook travels swiftly. If I have a dime for every time I heard a person, players complain about the duc....I would be a quite wealthy. I am a peaceful man and do not say much, but the duc and the way it treats its players, and has lied to me has gave me reason to make this petition.
Sonny Johnson