Public Apology


Public Apology

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Paris Xiong started this petition to Doua Chialy and

Doua Chialy, an anchor on Hmong TV, recently had a talk show topic of "Poj Niam Tsis Zoo" which translates into "Women who aren't good" or "Bad women". In this talk show that was aired, by Hmong TV on Youtube on July 13, 2015, there were a lot of sexist, sickening and radical statements aimed towards women here in the United States and in Laos made by Doua Chialy. Such as stating:

1. "He has seen a lot of Hmong men rip their lives apart when they didn't want it to be, and this is all because of the Hmong wives (specifically the ones who are divorcees)." 

2. "He will see if he will help us Hmong women in the future because as he sees right now, we don't have 'good credit' as a housewife to our Hmong husband, because you are now a divorcee".

3. "That if you were a good housewife, you wouldn't be a divorcee. If you were a good housewife, your husband would have 'kept' you and 'wanted' you."

4. "But since you are a 'Poj Nrauj' (translates into divorcee), you are worthless and unwanted because you aren't loyal to your husband and because you always argue with them."

5. "If you fall into this category of being a divorcee, today I don't want you to be cocky or proud of what you did and are. Today, I want you to look at yourself and admit that you are the one at fault because you didn't respect your husband, because you did something bad and didn't listen to your husband and his goals, because you only wanted to follow your own goals, and that is why you are a divorcee. If you change your way of viewing yourself, then you will be an 'okay' housewife."

6. "It's a shame though, because Hmong men won't even want to marry you now. The only reason why any Hmong man would marry you is for the night time, to sleep with."

7. "The only Hmong men that will marry you, are the poor ones who live here in America because they don't have the money to go to Laos to find a better wife."

8. "The divorcees here should be ashamed of themselves and should fix themselves and to admit to themselves that, 'I am a divorcee because I am too mean. And if you don't change your way of thinking, than in all of your future marriages you will be a divorcee."

*May I also state that all of these statements were made within 3 minutes of the talk show starting, and that this video has a length of 14 minutes and 56 seconds.

He then starts talking about how Hmong men would rather travel to Laos to find a new wife. How a 40 year old man, would rather go find a wife in Laos who are only 16 or 17 years old. **I suggest that the Feds take a look into this as well, since it is technically human trafficking. 

9. "Being a divorcee is the same category as garbage."

10. "A divorcee is useless and worthless. Here in America, women are the dominant gender.The woman doesn't help the husband and that the police doesn't even help the husband."

11. "Hmong men should 'throw their wives away and remarry' no matter how many times, they shouldn't care."

12. "I'm here, agreeing with them, and telling all you women so that hopefully you can cherish your husband and know that they haven't surrendered to you."

13. "I want to give props to the Hmong men who have a backbone and money, who are willing to get a new wife from Laos."

14. "To the old Hmong woman, hold your tongue before your husband 'throws you away like garbage'".

15. "If you're still married, listen to your husband, stop arguing with them in public, stop making your family and friends upset with you saying 'his housewife is mean'."

16. "That wife of yours, just throw her away. We can buy you a new one, only $10,000. We will all pitch in $500, and get you a new one. Get rid of your garbage."

17. "For the widows, who have husbands that passed away young. It's because of your tongue has caused your husband internal hurt. That's what caused them to die."

18. "Widows in Thailand were considered nice, widows here in America are considered bad. Because you caused you husband to have a heart attack, caused him to have high blood pressure and diabetes. They have strokes and die because of you woman, who have caused heartache in your husbands."

19. "You mothers in Laos, take good care of your daughters and raise them 'correctly', so we can come buy your daughters."

20. "If you are married woman and hear this and you change yourself, okay! But if you are a married woman and hear this and say, 'You're only taking the man's side,' I say, 'Yes I am!"

What fascinates me is that the producers and the head of Hmong TV even allowed him to make such a bias, one-sided claim. Does it not affect you, that he is talking about your mother, your wife, and your mom? It's also saddening, that a guy of your stature, one who is in the public eye is able to spew such hatred against your own kind.

Us Hmong women, already know that we don't have an even playing field in our Hmong culture. Yes, we were raised and taught to be submissive to ones husband, to follow his every order, to wait on him hand and foot. But Hmong women of this generation and future generations will learn that there is more to life. That a woman should be able to stand next to her spouse not below him, and that Hmong women are able to do what Hmong men can do too. 

Please, sign this petition so that Hmong women, whether single, married, divorced, or widowed get some respect in our Hmong community and so men like Doua Chialy understand that we are humans too. We are not property, we are not garbage, and we are not disposable.

**NOTE: He also did a response video as well and is very proud of what he has said. He stated that "On topics like these, there were a lot more comments and I'm glad that you are heated about it."

In this video he did not apologize, in fact he did the complete opposite. You can watch this video here: 


This petition made change with 2,841 supporters!