Save Challengers baseball at Dos Pueblos Little League *KEEP CHECKING FOR UPDATES BELOW*

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Dos Pueblos Little League has decided to arbitrarily discontinue Challengers Baseball division under the current leadership, without notification or explanation to any Challenger family and without any replies to our inquiries. This program has been successfully operated since 2004 due to dedicated parents and the generous support of our community, many who have donated to Challengers baseball over the years. Our Special Needs Youth in Santa Barbara and Goleta will suffer a huge set back with this great program being erased.

My own daughter Katya has benefited from this activity as well as hundreds of her peers with Special Needs. Her involvement with baseball has greatly contributed to the development of her hand/eye coordination, her gross and fine motor skills and the development of social skills. This has evolved into an inclusive and supportive community.

I am graciously asking our community to stand up for our most vulnerable population that consists of many Challenger participants, and who count on the few programs available to them that increase the quality of their lives, because of the joy it brings to both themselves and their families.

Please stand with those kids that cannot fight for themselves and sign this petition to save this program for future generations.


Maria Kaestner,

Special Needs Mom of Katya Kaestner