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Call To Action: Away With Milestone As Disgrace For The Sport!

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The Past

For the past few years the MotoGP brand license holder - Milestone S.r.l. - is developing the games with the goal of bringing the spirit of MotoGP and motorcycle racing into virtual competition. Beginning with "MotoGP 13™", the first game made by Milestone, was full of bugs. Significant bugs in singleplayer and multiplayer, which confined the gaming experience for everyone. The multiplayer wasn't working at all. Continuing with "MotoGP 14™", Milestone just polished their ugly engine to make the game look a little bit better and reworked the liveries and updated the riders. The multiplayer or the many bugs in every game mode still existed. Even on the physical copies many spelling mistakes made the game and MotoGP look less serios and really arcade, poor and cartoonish. The situation in "MotoGP 15™" didn't developed. Same bug, same crashes, same laggy experience. Milestone just adds some new gamemodes to make the game look better. Fulfilled with euphoria we, the community, bought these games and again, we got disappointed. MotoGP 16 got released with the name "Valentino Rossi The Game" and as tribute to Valentino Rossi. Again they added some irrelevant gamemodes with slow and stupid AI riders. The multiplayer experience was fulfilled with crashes, lags and freezes. The time trial leaderboards were and are rigged. Many shortcuts without any punishment let into unrealistic lap times and a totally wrong picture of the circuit. Milestone fixed some bug to make the experience better, but were adding more bugs again in the meantime. Riding style wasn't working online, the lap times in rainy conditions were the same as in dry conditions, the setup settings you took before the race either changed nothing or simply didn't work in multiplayer.

The Current Situation

"MotoGP 17™" just got released on the 15th of June 2017, with many of us hoping to get a better game. We didn't. Milestone again added irrelevant gamemodes ("Managerial Mode") and even implemented the old bugs from VRTG again. Funny as Milestone fixed some of them in 1-2 patches last year in VRTG, but it seems they used the vanilla version of VRTG with all these awkward bugs without these patches from last year. The community reported many of those towards the support. And we got the typical automessages as reply. Four days after the release the game still isn't patched and the multiplayer isn't working at all. We have many proofs uploaded on YouTube (I'll be linking them below). Unwilling to make the game better, Milestone uses us a beta testers for too-early published games. Year by year we have the same copy and paste game with new gamemodes and even more bugs. Nothing is working. Multiplayer, the AI or anything regarding a real racing game. New game, old bugs, same crashes.

What We Want

We tried and still trying our best to change the situation by reporting the errors and problems to the developer, but unfortunately despite our efforts the company is deaf to our requests. Instead to solve the situation, they release new MotoGP games with the same problems and errors. Because the situation did not change over past few years we think that this situation starts to be malicious for DORNA sports and works against the MotoGP brand. We ask to change the company, that will develop further MotoGP games and will finally bring realistic, entertaining and flawless product to esports community and finally we will be able to feel real spirit of motorcycle racing.

Some proofs:

- Steam forum with nearly 50% negative reviews:






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