Speeding in Dormansland

Speeding in Dormansland

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Started by Danielle van Vliet

The speed cars travel through Dormansland is too high.

Walking children to school is dangerous.

Children of Years 5 and 6 should be able to independently walk to school, however The Highstreet in Dormansland is unsafe to cross without an adult.  Children that will be leaving Dormansland Primary School to move onto Secondary schools may not have had that independence of walking to school on their own at Primary level.

We need to get some sort of measure in place to slow the traffic down and make it safe for our children and others in the village to cross the road.

I think 20's Plenty would help slow vehicles through our village, but we need more, I would love something sustainable in our village like a Zebra Crossing.  This will enable people of our village to cross the road safely.

After the Lollipop person stopped working there should have been a safe measure put in place but this has been overlooked and never rectified.

Let's not let another fatal accident happen on this road.  Let's do something before it's too late! 

260 have signed. Let’s get to 500!