Closure for Cloud

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Closure for Cloud, finally.

❗️We have received official word that Cloud's death is no longer in vain...The Executive Director has been terminated by the Dorchester Paws Board of Directors.❗️ We hate that Cloud is gone, his life was way too short. But we are grateful the DP Board has taken measures to ensure other innocent animals are not euthanized hastily. For that, we thank them. To those who have withheld support to this shelter because you wanted to see change, we hope we've been able to accomplish this for you. DP will need you to rally behind them now and help them continue to move in a positive direction. Please continue to hold them accountable for what's best for the animals. Thank you all for supporting this fight for CLOSURE FOR CLOUD. Cloud, we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. �

Husky Education And Rescue Team
2 years ago