Doon Academy: Stop the introduction of mixed year groups and levels in one class

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The pupils, and I'm sure, the parents, are against the idea of mixed age and level classes. The difference physically, educationally and mentally between a 15 year old 4th year, and an 18 year old 6th year is obvious, and huge. It is not possible that children of such different abilities can all be taught at one time, in one class, by one teacher, and get the proper education they deserve! The teachers will also have issues with learning things about the pupils and developing a good relationship with them to give them the correct teaching suited to them, which is something Doon Academy is known for. Studies have suggested that mixed age classes can hold back the 'smarter' pupils, and as a school, Doon Academy should be supporting these people, not putting them through the torture of listening to the teacher explaining things which they already understood years ago to a younger or less-educated pupil. The pupils in Doon Academy would like to pass their exams, but this is going to become even harder than usual with the introduction of mixed classes. In September 2012, the chief inspector of schools in England admitted in an article in The Times that it would be "hugely difficult" for teachers to tailor lessons to suit mixed-abilities. We do not want mixed year groups and levels, and a variation of pupils' and parents' signatures will really help get this message across.

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