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Extended ending/additional content for Life is Strange

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I am a fan of Life is Strange™ who just wants to see the game live on.

What is Life is Strange™? Life is Strange is a five part, episodic adventure game by DONTNOD Entertainment. The game features a beautifully written story, enthralling characters and the ability to rewind time to change your actions.

For more information about the game, click here. Click here to watch the official episode one trailer.

The game's fifth and final episode released worldwide on October 20th, 2015 and left a lot of questions unanswered. Nearly all of the characters, major and minor, had no closure whatsoever. Also, most of the cast was barely present for episode 5 at all!

In addition to this, one of the game's two endings is six minutes shorter than the other and feels incredibly rushed. In a game based around player choice and consequence, it is a shame that one group of players gets a lesser experience in the end for making the choices they made. We understand that this is partly due to budget and we believe that if DONTNOD had the proper funding, this version of the ending to Life is Strange™ could be accomplished as it was meant to be.

How can DONTNOD bring real closure to this amazing series and flesh out the endings? There are two options that we believe would suffice. The first is a complete rewrite of both endings with extended cutscenes, additional audio, greater detail and a deeper glimpse into the future.
The second is an epilogue, keeping the current endings as they are but giving us an additional scene or two to play at the end. The epilogue could be set weeks, months or even a couple years into the future. We want to see where life will take our beloved characters and how they are coping with the actions that occurred in each ending.

Finally, we want our choices to really matter! We want the decisions we made to impact the events of the epilogue or endings in major ways. We've grown so attached to these characters that we want to see how their lives are after that fateful October week, how we affected them, how they've changed and whether they've changed at all.

How can an epilogue be funded if DONTNOD was already having budget problems for the fifth episode? Well, crowdfunding of course! A crowdfunding site like Kickstarter would be the perfect way for DONTNOD to continue the series. There is a demand, and there are passionate players willing to contribute to a fundraiser for at least one more visit to Arcadia Bay.

If you are willing to support such a goal and are willing to help fund a Kickstarter campaign, please, sign this petition so we can show DONTNOD that we still support them! With enough voices, we can make a difference.

EDIT: I wanted to edit the campaign to clarify something. Despite the fact that we would love to see an epilogue or a reworked episode 5, our biggest goal is just to get our voices out there! We just want DONTNOD to know how big and awesome their fan base really is! So whether or not you agree specifically with an epilogue or a reworked episode, please sign if you simply want more Life is Strange content in the future!

DONTNOD, if you are reading this, regardless of what you end up choosing, we all want to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the incredible experiences we've shared in Arcadia Bay. We're all holding our breath that we may one day find ourselves there again.

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