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Dont Deport Our Daddy Manuel Mendez Ramiro A#078326260

My name is Donna,and I am a U.S. citizen. My husband Manuel and I have been married for nine years and have three young boys 9,8 and 3. My loveing husband has been detained by ICE in Monmouth County New Jersey for the past 7 months. My husband has been in this country for the past twelve years,haveing fled his country of El Salvador to escape the violence. While here he was able to obtain T.P.S. Our lives have been turned upside down. My childrens grades have slipped,and they are not able to focus. My boys need their daddy,and I need my husband. My husband pays taxes,and works hard for our family. No child should be seperated from their daddy,simply because of his nationality. Without my husband here we are suffering,not only financially but emotionally. I do not qualify for any assistance. Without their father here to guide them,I fear for my boys future. Children need both their parents,and shouldnt have to grow up without guidance from their father. It breaks my heart to see my boys in so much pain. My husband should have the chance to watch our boys walk at graduation,watch them grow up,and guide them,and dance at their weddings.If deported my husband faces a 10 year ban. How can the U.S. send a man back to a country he fled to save his life? Please help my family,and stop my husbands deportation. My children deserve to be able to go to bed everynight and wake up everymorning,and hug their daddy.

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