Chrystalmmakeup/Chrystal Collins. Needs Stopped

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I have started this petition to bring awareness that many people on Facebook, have been victims of scamming or deceitfulness by Chrystalmmakeup/ Chrystal Collins. I have done all I can do by continuously reporting to Facebook. She is using her platform as a means of deceit, and monetary profit. I encourage everyone to Report Chrystalmmakeup, to Facebook. and ALL social media. She has started a YouTube channel (Chrystalmmakeup) where you can see her describing her followers as "Dumbasses that should of known better" for sending her money. (I'm not sure if YouTube removed it, or if she deleted her page) I am calling on Facebook to make changes on their "Community Standards". Their "standards" are allowing her to profit, recently off of donations she collected (and kept) for a handicapped mother & child. Facebook should be a safe place for all of us..this woman and others like her, whom have/are making profit by deception & scamming, need to be exposed & stopped. Please do not believe her tears for pity! She has been actively deleting her videos that show her begging for money,  smoking dope on her lives, and tongue lashing anyone who tries to speak up about being scammed by her through private messages. She also has deleted the negative reviews left on her page, and will block/mute you for speaking up about her scamming. It is obvious that there were/are lies told, in her goal of recieving "donations" through PayPal (Friends & Family, only) Her "poor Ed" having cancer, was perhaps the most disgusting, and a complete lie.

Facebook has made the decision, and her page is back up. We have not failed, we are succeeding in spreading the word. Every single person whom she has deceived/scammed.. I heard you, I feel bad for you.. Trust me, I wish I hadn't of ended this Petition right away, there are more victims whose story needs to be heard. (I declared Victory, so it wont take signatures now) This woman will not change. She continues to say " I did nothing wrong." Exposing is NOT bullying. Open your eyes Facebook land.. see her for what she is. Again, EXPOSING IS NOT BULLYING. Report everything to Facebook.


Update: On 8/3/18 @ 3:15AM

Facebook has REMOVED Chrystalmmakeup, within 8 hours of creating this. But as of 8/7/18..Allowed her to continue on.. 

After viewing this video below..keep in mind..she claims the reason she can not work like the rest of us is, she is the care provider for her mother in law, whom suffers with dementia. Also, she Admits to STEALING her dog Tiny, from a dope dealer! Please! Watch & Share this video.


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