Mendon & Cumberland Hill Road Congestion at Oak Grove Entrance

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I want to start this petition to make heard an idea that could help alleviate the traffic congestion from Cumberland Hill Road and Mendon Road surrounding 5 o'clock.
As you may know the entrance to Oak Grove is not the original entrance we had “back in the day”
We used to enter maybe 50 feet before the entrance now. (see photo above)  It was Called "Walker’s Switch" The Trolley Cars changed direction in that spot. They put up curbing and made the road end at the last two houses when they made the new entrance at the light.

My thought was to open that road back up so Oak Grove residents could “ENTER ONLY” then proceed to a stop sign at the end of that short road.
There are 250+ homes and two businesses in Oak Grove. Many are part of the congestion in that same right lane. If they had a turn off to get into Oak Grove before the light, that would bring the line of cars down considerably.

This is not to add a lane, this is an "entrance ONLY" opening. 
Playing Devil’s advocate; I thought about people who would try to “jump the light” by taking the Oak Grove turn off. But honestly by the time they did that and stopped at the stop sign and took a left to stop at the light they would simply not be saving any time at all.

This would benefit all as the traffic would be smoother and far less congested.

So far I have spoken to the City, I'm told because Cumberland Hill Road is a State Highway they have no jurisdiction. I contacted Rep Bob Phillips who was very receptive and helpful. He contacted Arthur Bovis of the RIDOT. As it turns out they plan to revamp Cumberland Hill Road this year. Bob and I thought this was a perfect time to review this proposal.

It seems Mr. Bovis feels the cost to remove 25 feet of curbing and pave that small patch of land did not warrant the amount of people it would help. I feel like we can't be talking about the same small piece of land.

Let's let him know that this will benefit more people than he realizes.

CVS and many businesses in the Highland Industrial Park did their part by staggering their quitting times. The City made lanes to expedite the flow of traffic. Even the red light times were altered. Every bit helps. 

Adding this Entrance Only to Oak Grove may not solve the problem entirely, but it can easily be part of the solution.