Remove the ‘GOLD COAST’ street lamp installation on the M1 at yatala.

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The people of the Gold Coast are feeling upset, angered, and hard done by with the installation of the ‘Gold Coast’ street lamp installation (herein referred to as ‘the lights’).

The cost of the lights installation and purchase came to a total of 2.1m and was designed by an international business.

This sort of project could have been much cheaper and carried out by a company within the Gold Coast, it should not have been made an international market.

The lights can not be read properly unless you are standing in the field adjacent to the lights, and even then the lights need to be turned on and at night time to read them.

The lights are causing traffic to bank back on an already very busy highway and during peak hours the traffic has banked back as far as Ormeau in the mornings.

The people of the Gold Coast are asking for these lights to be removed and decommissioned, they’re an eyesore and a slap in the face to the Gold Coast communities tax payers.

We don’t want to see such hard earned money be handed to the council and put to waste!

Please remove the installation and do not reinstall them elsewhere, but rather repurpose the lights to light dark roads or shopping centres around the Gold Coast.