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Let Judges know a child needs both parents after divorce/seperation.

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My son, Jonathan, and his fiance have a 1 year old son.  Sadly, my son and his fiance broke up and Jonathan moved out of the house.  He kept a very close relationship with his son, as well as with his ex-fiance. They discussed visitation and support and had came to an agreement. She hired her attorney (someone her aunt worked for) and a court date was scheduled. When my son and ex-fiance arrived in court they sat together. When her attorney arrived he told her to move somewhere else and to stop setting next to him. They went before Judge Tammy Bruce, who in no way tried to preserve the family or allow them to discuss their agreed upon arrangement. Instead, she repeatedly told his ex-fiance that she DIDN'T have to let my son see the baby.  A few hours after leaving the courthouse, her attorney called and said my son could not contact his ex unless it was through his office (the call was made by her aunt).

Since court, we have had no contact with the baby. She has refused to let Jonathan see him and she won't take his calls or respond to his texts. It has now been 2 months and my son's heart is broken, as is mine. We had so many wonderful times together, his first word was "DaDa" and his second was "Nana".  I was the first to see him crawl!! My heart breaks each and every minute of the day without him. Intially we were able to see pictures she posted to social media, but now all of our family members have been removed and blocked. 

Judges such as Tammy Bruce have no business presiding over family court if their goal is not to preserve the family. These were parents who walked into court with an amicable arrangement that would allow the baby to spent quality time with both parents. To dismiss that agreement and encourage the mother not to let a father see his child is destructing the relationship been a father and his son. Our entire family is suffering and we spend days crying as we think about him and the events we are missing in his life. There were no reasons for the judge's violence in the relationship.

We need to let Judges like Tammy Bruce know that preserving the family should be first and foremost in cases where abuse, chemical dependency, etc., are not present. Sadly, with as young as the baby is all the memories of his father, Nana, and many other relatives and friends will be forgotten over time.  


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