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Memorial for Ethan

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His name was Ethan Van Aulan. He was the 3rd child in 20 years to take his or her own life while attending this school, and as memory serves, little was done to comfort the students during any of these three instances. We want these kids to be able to grieve and help them cope with the loss of one of their fellow students. We want the guidance office to step up to the plate and stop taking down his memorial posters wherever they are hung. We want the school faculty to stop denying the truth and face this issue so we can prevent it from happening again. Several of the students with whom I've had contact, have stated that faculty and staff are not willing to discuss it, or Ethan. That his picture was removed from the high school yearbook. That his pictures have been taken down from the halls. That the staff is actively avoiding the topic when it is brought up. This is an outrage. 

I speak from the point of view of someone who has attempted suicide. No child should ever have to face that kind of pain alone. No person should. I'm calling out all the teachers who saw Ethan every day, who left him slip through the cracks. Who didn't care enough to stop and talk to him, just as with me, in a rush back to the teacher's lounge for that bagel. 

While it's understood that not all cases show signs, and we as a whole can't possibly prevent every bad thing from occurring, We strongly suggest you adjust your curriculum to include time and resources for all of your students to be able to grieve, and teach coping skills to those who were close with Ethan, and others who are in need of help or guidance. 

Do not try to bury the truth, lest you dig out your own foundation for a hole big enough.

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