Save Our Beaches

Save Our Beaches

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Local people are being denied safe access to public beaches at Ballyliffin and Lagg because of damage from coastal erosion and flooding.

A consultants report commissioned by Donegal County Council issued in July 2019, and not yet made public, recommends there be "No Active Intervention" to combat coastal erosion at 5 sites around Inishowen.

The report makes no reference to the coastal walk at Pollan Beach or the huge volumes of sand being deposited in Trawbregga Bay but it does confirm the possible loss of St Mary Church, Lagg and Ballyliffin Golf Course through this course of action.

Coastal Environments- Beaches, Walks, Sand dunes, access roads, car parks, golf links and private property are being damaged with coastal erosion and nothing is being done to protect these public amenities and safe public access to them for locals and tourists.

We are seeking urgent action to remove the red tape and restrictions on preventative measures to restore and maintain coastal protection measures to restore safe public access to our beaches.