A call to Doncaster Council for the Sensible development of Lakeside.

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Doncaster Council continue to dispose of assets they hold in order generate revenue, this practice is fine. 


What I would like to see is part of those assets where appropriate are used for the community. 

The Lakeside development in Doncaster is relatively new delevopment and all of the land sold seems to be used for development of housing Willow Grange the most recent example where the field behind the beach is being built upon now and chain businesses moving into the Hertgen Triangle. 

With the supply of land now running low around the lake, the Council have decided to sell two parcels of land for mixed use, these are highlighted in red. The areas highlighted in white which appear to be just fields are in fact already houses. 

No provision has been made since the development of Lakeside began for any communal picnic or park area. 

I would call upon the council to only sell one of these for mixed use and spend some of the money raised to turn the other into an open space, so that all users of the lake, be they local residents, wildlife or tourists an area somewhere to sit to picnic and children somewhere to play.