Keep the Victoria Cross Trust Museum, Ashworth Barracks in Doncaster, open

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The Victoria Cross Trust aims to restore the graves of VC recipients who are not laid to rest on war cemeteries. Five years ago the Trust opened a museum in Doncaster. Even as far as the Dutch and Belgian army, a Dutch and a Belgian museum all donated items for the museum. P&O and Stena Line Ferries donated free shipping. Now Doncaster Council refuses to extend the lease on the premises and is also not offering another option to move the museum to.

What I do not understand is that Doncaster Council does not realise the old VCT management pumped a lot of charity money in building an empty school into a working museum. When the current staff has to abandon the site they can bring their exhibits but all the money on carpeting and such will be lost. That is just a waste of funds. And it is also a sad signal to people who put their time into building the different set ups or helped get the museum listed as a top attraction in Doncaster. It is not that Doncaster has another 50 museums already.

What can the museum offer the community:

- Education - schools can visit for instance

- A place to volunteer and thus get jobtraining - gardeners, guides, kitchen-staff, historic research, social media etc.

- A tearoom where local veterans can meet

- Attracting tourists to Doncaster

- A place to hold lectures

There is a lot of grassland at the museum where the council can still build houses. But there is also another museum in Doncaster that is moving to a new building and the old building has no new destination yet. It is time for Doncaster Council to act and help!

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And you can also write to your local MP for instance The two local Councillors for Balby South are:John Healy (20 Green Street, Balby)
Nuala Fennelly (21 Oxford Street, New Rossington) Note: Email addresses and home addresses are on the council's website for all to view).

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