#DonateTheRebate - Let's get the funds to those who need help most

#DonateTheRebate - Let's get the funds to those who need help most

February 4, 2022
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Started by Nic Sanders

Can you #DonateTheRebate? Sign this petition if you can

With energy prices soaring, on 3 February the Government announced measures to ease their impact. One of these is the Council Tax rebate. The Council Tax rebate will apply from April 2022 to homes in Council Tax bands A to D. It will be made directly by local authorities and will not need to be repaid. Four in five UK households will be eligible.

In support of fuel poor households, we welcome the support of anyone who can donate their £150 council tax rebate

Many people struggle to heat their homes. The price cap rise, which takes effect in April 2022, means that 6.5 million UK households could be in fuel poverty – a rise of more than 50% from September 2021.

The CEO of National Energy Action, Adam Scorer said: “We needed deep, targeted support for the most vulnerable. We have shallow, broad measures for all.”

Of course, many people are struggling with the cost of living, including energy prices, and the Council Tax rebate will be much needed.  If you are eligible but feel as though you can keep comfortably warm and you don’t need the rebate, please consider donating to help those struggling.

By donating your Council Tax rebate to National Energy Action, they can:

  • Provide life-changing energy and water efficiency advice
  • Help to provide essential winter items to those in need through a hardship fund
  • Offer assistance to those struggling with fuel debt
    Make vital referrals to help vulnerable customers access extra support, including the Priority Services register and local community organisations
  • Help to make Warm Home Discount applications for vulnerable customers
  • Provide benefits advice and supporting people with applications
    Advocate for the needs of vulnerable energy consumers to UK governments and regulators.

#DonateTheRebate - All donations are welcome at: https://www.nea.org.uk/donation-form/

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Signatures: 41Next Goal: 50
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