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Save my friend Kostya.

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I have a friend. He is thirteen now and he has an addiction. Addiction to energetic drinks. A year or two ago we were hanging out with two of my friends, including him. He told us about how much he wanted to try an enrgetic drink, so, we saw a small shop and asked our older friend to buy it. We surely enough, placed our bets that he won't drin it and waited. Few minutes later, he took the bottle and started gulping and drank it all to the bottom of the bottle. Here's where the trouble began. Now Kostya's parents try to keep him alive and spend all their money on the drinks for him. They're completely out of money so I want to help them fight for his life. We need to gather money or 100 liters of Burn or any other energetic drink to fasten his heartbeat and help the parents.

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