We want to get the federal government to write legislation to make schools safer

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We have a group that has researched multiple ways that if implemented could help reduce the number of school shooting and reduce the effect of school shootings through reducing the number of lives lost. We are tired of seeing innocent students and staff killed in these meaningless shootings. We have many things in mind and all are valuable options. We need your help to get the governments attention so that we can help them resolve this issue through our research. please help us protect America’s future by pledging your support. In case you are wondering here are just some of the things we have come up with.

We are looking at both physical security for school and psychological safeguards to prevent shooter from getting to this point. Here are just a few

1. Require a law that mandates every campus across America must have and practice an active shooter drill at least once a semester

2. Train staff members to be aware of behavior from students that show potential threats to school safety such as a constant bully/bullying victim, or someone who purposely distances themselves from others/has a dramatic change in behavior, or someone who is reading and researching questionable topics

3. Make sure that school counselors do more than just help people set schedules; make sure the students know that they are also there to help them get through personal issues

4. Make psychiatric hospitals a priority and allow payment for the services a secondary priority. Lives matter more than one persons' mental health treatment cost. Right now, they treat patients as a money source instead of a patient that needs their immediate help.

5. Look at placing metal detectors in schools because while it may not stop all shooings it could definitely stop some such as the times guns accidentally went off or were snuck into school and then used by students.

6. Require at least two armed resources officers at every school and add more as the size of the campus grows because patrolling the school grounds could possibly  stop shooting from happening when they try but it may also deter the shooter from attempting the shooting at all

7. Add a mental health check to the list of requirements one needs to meet, to not only purchase a gun, but to also keep their permit to carry as well as the gun they bought and then retest them every 2-3 months

These are just a few of our solutions. We have two news stations that want to do a story over the work we’re doing and also the research that we have done is going to end up published because they believe every school should look at and implement to the best of their ability the plan we created from research. But as you can see the things we have come up with are no longer limited to schools because if we get enough support the government could turn our plan into a bill that becomes law.


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