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We want those with the power to do so to #SaveDinaAli & also help #StopEnslavingSaudiWomen

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We want the safe return of 24 year old Dina Ali Lasloom to the Philippines to continue her trip to Australia where she was headed to claim asylum from her abusive family.

We would also like the international community at large to shine a spotlight on the horrifying conditions that Saudi women face on a daily basis. To pressure the House Of Saud to give women the basic rights that they deserve as human beings by any means necessary, whether that be by economic or diplomatic sanctions. They have abused their diplomatic power too many times to act like an international mafia to force women who have fled Saudi Arabia back to their life of enslavement.

As for economic sanctions, no amount of oil or money should be worth turning a blind eye to the millions of humans suffering under the Saudi regime everyday. Not only do they subjugate half of their populace because of gender, they also commit human rights atrocities against LGBT folk, other religious minorities and much more. How is it that in 2017 we still have millions of people forced to live under conditions in a "civilised" allied country on par with ISIS. These people are living in hell and something must give!

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