Urge Trump And Congress To Reconsider US Oil Pipelines To Protect Water Resources

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With the recent affirmation to continue the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access pipeline, it is clear the majority of Congress and the Trump Administration are ill informed of the risks and dangers of oil pipelines.

We need to urge President Trump and Congress to rethink and research for themselves the effects oil pipelines have on the environment, water sources, and human health.

American pipelines transport one billion gallons of oil each day from reservoirs to refineries, the majority of this oil travels safely but accidents do occur. A study done by Aleszu Bajak for Undark.org claims since 2010 more than 1,300 crude oil spills have occurred, that is nearly one crude oil spill every other day.

Of the 8.9 million gallons of crude oil that has been spilled since 2010, 70% has been recovered, but for spills that happen near water sources, rivers in this case, only 30% has been recovered.

Seepage of oil into soil and groundwater reserves (aquifers) can take hundreds of years and tremendous amounts of money to restore, but often its affects are irreversible. The Ogallala aquifer for example is the nation's largest and most valuable groundwater reserve as it provides water for nearly 30% of the nation’s irrigated crops.

Many other pipelines, like the construction plans for the Keystone XL, cross sections of the Ogallala aquifer increasing the risk of a major oil spill that will irreversibly pollute the vital aquifer. Many other crucial surface water and groundwater reserves across the nation are threatened by the construction of pipelines near them.

This issue concerns all living beings as water is vital to our well-being and Earth. So we ask President Trump and Congress members to reconsider their policy on pipelines, despite the lobbying efforts and contributions by oil corporations, for the health of our planet.