Bring Jane Dornick justice

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My mother Jane Dornick was recently sentenced in December '14 for a 30 year life term in prison for a federal crime she did not commit. Her charge was child exploitation and was given the maximum penalty. A family friend of hers, named Michael Grennier, was in contact with my mother for a while. They knew each other from my mom's boss who is his mother. They used to talk on AIM and MSN messenger and email almost all the time. Our family knew him, and trusted him especially because he was a former police officer of our home town. He worked with computers and technology for a really long time. I was about 13 years old at the time when Michael offered me a modeling job to start making a couple dollars. I agreed and proceeded to start this job. My mom was able to use her high quality camera to take a bunch of HD photos of me to send over to him. Basically these were test pictures to see if they were what Michael's company needed. Michael also told our family a company name and the company he worked for the modeling agency. My mother and I believed him for the most part, because when we looked up with agency it was a real thing.

My mother took pictures of me with clothing for a little while, eventually I got tired of her taking the pictures so I took over and used her camera, my phone, and my camera to take some. Eventually, Michael and I got in direct contact and he had told me his company needed new pictures. He asked if I would be interested in doing underwear photo shoots. At first I was a little uncomfortable, and then I remembered Victoria Secret models who do these things all the time. I agreed, and proceeded to take these pictures for a few years. About the age of 14-15 he started to ask for more in depth pictures, like completely nude and sexually touching myself. I asked for how much he would pay, and ended up thinking about that for a while. I thought to myself, I can cut out my face. It'll be quick, take a few pictures and I'm finished. So, I proceeded to take these photos for a while. 

Things started to get strange when he would ask to do live webcam sessions. He stated his company supposedly needed some of this material too. He told me he was working for a company that was like the TV show, "To Catch A Predator" and that they needed a model to take these photos. This was believable because again, he used to be a police officer. (Keep in mind my mother had no idea I was doing any of this because these were personal conversations between Michael and I.) I thought about it for a while, told myself I can block out his face or block the other camera if I got uncomfortable. So I did. Another time was when I wanted tickets for a One Direction concert, which had the full meet and greet package. They were pretty costly, I had asked Michael if he could purchase them for me, and ended up sending me a list of things I can do for him to purchase them for me. Every sexual act was on the list, including touching me, and me touching him. I was extremely uncomfortable with him touching me so I told him those options were a no go. I figured out a few options I could do, and we ended up going to a hotel room, shooting a couple of things, then making my way back home. After that, I never met up with him in person again. February of 2013 the FBI came knocking at my front door asking if we knew anything about Michael Grennier. We agreed and invited them in our home. They took my older brother and I to a place to be interviewed while my mother stayed in the area due to her anxieties. It was a long day of talking and answering questions. No idea of what was about to come next. I was 16 at this time. Late at night we get a call we can head home, on our way home we were told we would not be going home with our mother that night and that we would be going to live with our father for a while. I cried, and cried, and cried with no idea why or what was going on. The FBI people drove us to the building that my mother was being interviewed at. We went inside, and I requested to see her. They denied any contact with her and I cried some more. They finally agreed to let me see her, I walked into the room with her there and looked at her and cried. She gave me a big hug and her words she told me, "everything will be alright." I have kept this in my head for so long, and I hold her word in my heart. 

2 years went by, not a phone call from her, nothing. I was unable to see her, or contact her in any way shape or form. I didn't know how she was doing, I didn't know what she was doing. I was clueless for 2 years of my life. Til finally a court date came up which I was allowed to attend, it was my mother's sentencing. They asked if I would like to speak at this, and I told them I would. Basically I was supposed to give a victim statement, but I turned that around, and surprised everyone by telling them how much I loved her and how much she deserved none of this. Michael is deceiving and a true child predator. The judge explained that she was convicted because she did nothing about this situation for all the years it was going on. How was she supposed to do something when she had no idea of what was going on? Michael and I were in contact personally, I never told my mother what I was doing. Michael never told my mother what we were doing. How was she supposed to know? This question is exactly what I have been asking for all these years. I'm finally 18 years old, and I'm finally able to speak up about this. I don't care about what had happened to me in the past, the worst thing that has happened to me was losing my own mother because of some disgusting man who tricked my family. My mother was sentenced to 30 years in prison because she would not admit to exploiting me. Michael was sentenced to 20 years. How is this fair? How is this man able to get out on the street sooner than my mother who did not do a darn thing?

All this has been building up for a really long time. People have come and go out of my life, therapists, social workers, you name it I've had it. The only thing I've been saying to them was, "I want my mother." And nobody listened. It's time I do something, it's time I say something and make my life normal again. I want to wake up and hug my mother again. I want to call her whenever I want, I want to see her whenever I want. She's miles away from me now, and I get a lousy 10 minute phone call every day. This is cruel. She's a 54 year old woman in prison for 30 years, she could possibly die in there. I cannot let that happen. I am the VICTIM. My voice should be heard. The truth is being told, and nobody is here to listen. Please, spread the word. If you have any questions feel free to email me or send me a message. My email is I'm counting on you to help my mother and I have our normal lives again. 

Thank you.