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Unite to stand together against hate

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This is a non partisan petition to condemn hate crimes. The intention here is to come together on this one issue alone. Please demonstrate civility and kindness in your comments. This is not a place for blame, but rather for moving forward together.

Dear President Elect Trump,

We are writing to you to request that you condemn all hate immediately, strongly, sincerely and as often as warranted, to emphasize that these behaviors are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Some of us voted for you in November and some of us did not, but one thing we all agree on is that there is no place for hate crimes of any sort in our country.

Unfortunately, hate crimes have risen significantly during the campaign season and have escalated even more since you have been elected. The FBI reported a 67% increase in anti-Muslim hate crimes in 2015. On December 16, 2016 the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) reported 1,094 bias-related incidents in the month following the election. Most of these were anti- black, anti-Muslim and anti- LGBT; Anti- “Trump” incidents were also noted. The SPLC has further noted that only 1 percent of the total number of incidents in their latest update were found to be false reports.

Instances of hate crimes have included intimidation, harassment, bullying and insults as well as offensive graffiti, hate mail, and even physical assault. Many of these crimes have been aimed at people of color and immigrants, and often these have been associated with either verbal or written references to your name, i.e. “Trump”.

In an interview on 60 Minutes when asked to respond to hate crimes you said, “Stop it.” Just saying "Stop" is not enough. You are soon to be our leader, and we want you to be the best leader you can be by condemning hate wholeheartedly.

Many of us voted for you because we wanted a change. Hate crimes are not the type of change any of us want. We ask that you denounce hate crimes immediately; include it also as part of your inaugural speech. You must make it clear that hate and intolerance of fellow citizens in the United States of America is unacceptable; no matter the person’s skin color, gender, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, political party or who they voted for.

We hope that you will take this unifying action so that we can all feel safe and secure in this country we love. We count on you to do this so that America is truly great!


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