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Total restoration of former British Southern Cameroons.

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I was born in the former British Southern Cameroons, A country that has been annexed,assimilated,marginalized, rubbed,crippled,discriminated by dictator Paul Biya of the Republic of Cameroon for the last 56 years. As am writing this petition to the United States President Donald Trump who is someone that believes in liberty,transparency, justice,equality,freedom of expression,accountability,rule of law and human rights. President Donald Trump at the recent UN general assembly that ended in New York where you reiterated about the support of Justice,liberty,equality,rule of law and human rights violations and also a crack down on nations who are orchestrating terrorism,nuclear weapons violators,human rights abuses,oppressing  of minority groups,cyber attacks,shorting down of the internet so as to prevent the world from seeing gross violation of human right abuses perpetrated by the oppressor. The United nation should not only be a place where world leaders meet for diplomatic meetings,creating relations but should be a body for action,people first,cracking down on dictorial regime and solving world's imminent problems and dangers. They should not only make peace but solve problems bigger than them.

As am writing the people of former British Southern Cameroons are experiencing genocide,rape,torture,dehumanized,suffering abused,internet short down,gross violation of human rights perpetrated by the government forces of the Republic of Cameroon,these barbaric soldiers opened fire on the 1st of October 2017 on unarmed peaceful protesters from the two English speaking regions of Cameroon because they were telling the world and United nations about a total restoration of their statehood. As it stands morethan 250 people are declared death, and a staggering number missing,thousands are displaced and so many in deplorable jail conditions,with some running to neighboring countries for refuge,youths have escaped to interior  bushes for their safety,atrocities are ongoing,schools short down,majority of the population can't afford a single meal per day, the United Nations is playing delaying tactics,souls are going with each passing  day,the military is at their worst abducting people in hospitals beds from gun shot and eliminating them. The Minister of Communication Isa Chiroma  telling the entire world only 17 have died so far,ranting they are maintaining law and order and trying to stop secessionist. In a recent commuiquer, The United Nations  Human right community and the Organisation of African Unity are calling on  both parties to maintain their colonial boundaries but this commuiquer  is falling on deaf ears. Amnesty International has also condemned  the killings and has warned dictator  President Paul Biya  to call for genuine dialogue and look at the root cause of this problem.

President Donald Trump as a leader of this great nation that stands for Justice,liberty ,equality we the people of former British Southern Cameroons are urging you to take active swift  measures by calling on dictator Paul Biya of 35 years in power  to demilitarized Southern  Cameroon, free unconditionally all arrested in relation to this movement,give and account for all missing denizens of Southern Cameroons and call for inclusive dialogue including the UN  and OAU, ECOWAS.

A stitch in time saves nine.                                Thank you Mr President while looking forward on your timely intervention to save this on going genocide on our peace loving people of former  British Southern Cameroons.

Divine  A Mbombab.


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