To ban child/teen marriages in America

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The J.A.N.E. Act is a law I would like to see get passed in order to ban child/teen marriages when the said spouse is decades older. The J.A.N.E. Act is an acronym for Justice Against Nuptial Exploitation.
This is what I would like to see happen and why.
I am creating The J.A.N.E. Act to protect those who cannot protect themselves against Child and Teen Marriages to much older spouses in America!

So my plan is to sue the states to force them to make a law that makes teenage marriages to adults illegal when said adult is much older then said teen. I would also like to sue forcing these state government's to make such crimes that have already taken place in previous years a no statues of limitation policy Act. so even cases from before can still be prosecuted.
Also I believe by making this second law of no statues of limitations it can and will prevent people from opposing The J.A.N.E. Act because it would then be a crime under state law for parents to sign their children over to possible child predator's by marriage. Parent's who sign can also be charged with Neglect, Abandonment, Child Endangerment, Conspiracy to Commit Child Sex Trafficking and or Child Sex Trafficking.
Also for children /teens who were coerced into marrying much older men/women that too in itself is a crime. Many states have Statutory laws set in place for a reason and that reason according to legislation and child psychologist who weighed in on forming this law an adolescent's fifteen years and younger lacks the full comprehension to accept the consequences of their actions in long term however the parents on the other hand should. I would also like to see the no statue of limitation laws date back to when the Statutory Rape Laws were first implemented in each state.
Mr. President America has a serious issue in this country when a person has to be 18 or 21 to purchase Cigarettes, Alcohol, And now a Firearm but children/teens can be forced into a marriage as young as 10 years old in states like New Jersey and Tennessee ( the 10 year olds marrying adults cases was in 2001) Currently though we still have many states allowing teenager's 14 through 17 marrying spouses that are decades older than the said children/teens.
Justice Against Nuptial Exploitation
JANE is also a common name given to female victims of abuse when victim is underage or scared when being called to testify should their cases be reviewed in a court of law. I believe by naming this Act The J.A.N.E. Act it describes all female victims in the world who have fallen victim to Nuptial Exploitation!