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"Declaration of Independence of Christianty" ( Founding of Our National Religion)

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We the Bride of Christ of the United States of America are set forth on this day to declare and decree that this Nation under GOD was founded and sanctified on Christian beliefs and biblical principals. Therefore on this day October 8th 2017 Christianity is our Nation's Religion. 

1 That which cannot be blotted out, that goes back throughout our history to the cross when JESUS made the ultimate sacrafice, to the cross on the sails of Christopher Columbus.        Isaiah 40:8

2 We stand United as one to reunite this country from the division that we have witnessed throughout.                                Mark 3:24

3 We will not opress nor force belief on anyone but to guide in truth and life to all whom will hear for the goodness of God Almighty for thier SALVATION.                                                       John 3:16

4 We are to carry the cross with Love and Compassion of our neighbors regardless of thier beliefs or morals.     Matthew 5:44  

5 We are to live a life as an example of JESUS CHRIST, loving our LORD with all our Hearts, and with all our Souls, and with all our Minds and with all our Strengths.                                                                                                   Mark 12:30

6 We the Bride of Christ are not to be demanded to accept others beliefs that go against Gods Word OUR FOUNDATION of CHRISTIANTY in public or private.                                        Mark 16:16

7 We stand firm on the FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIANTY this country needs through our father Yahweh the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.                                                                                           Exodus 3:15

8 We believe in GOD OUR FATHER, his son JESUS CHRIST, and the HOLY SPIRIT that work together as one to lead guide and protect this Declaration and this Country from now and until the day he returns.                                                                                          2Corinthians                                                          13:14

Today WE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST look past man made denominations but unite together as one body in CHRIST JESUS! To take up the CROSS and live it! Today we stand on GODS WORD and GODS PROMISES and NO Change shall come to the WORD OF GOD!                                                                                       Ephesians 6:10 

                                                                          SEALED IN THE NAME OF                      JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.                                                                                                                   Amen 


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