The system is working, let's break it. We Need Radical Change to Stop police brutality

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Despite ongoing national scrutiny of police tactics, the number of fatal shootings by officers remain virtually unchanged, a disproportionate number of those killed   were black. I know of many grown men that live  in different states are scared to walk out their neighbourhood. Feel blessed to be alive each day when returning home from work.

I can imagine many wanting to take aggressive action.. Is this what is going to happen many innocent people to turn criminal to stand up for themselves.that's a recipe for disaster We don't need another war. 

We want police to do their job and not play god cause they carry a badge and gun

What is this world coming to, what are we showing our children and their children. They are our future....

To Earn Respect You Must Show Respect

Video evidence doesn't seem to be enough Up to half of the nation’s 18,000 police departments have officers who wear cameras. While an increasing number of fatal shootings have been recorded, in some cases the cameras capture nothing. Cameras worn by the officers failed to record the fatal encounter  What is the good of having a body camera if they’re not going to be turned on to capture what they’re supposed to capture? Saying this even when the public have recorded example Minnesota Officer Acquitted in Killing of Philando Castile I don't understand how this is possible. Also when calls for help end in death

This is murder yet the murderers go free