Tell President Trump that Women's Health is a Human Right

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Women's Healthcare is a Human Right because women should have access to healthcare options not dictated by any government or policies.

Human Rights are those that should not be compromised in any way, shape or form by politicians who are out of sync with reality.

Governments attack the basic rights of women around the world through the Global Gag Rule. The Center for Health and Gender Equity organization reports that the Global Gag Rule is also known as the "Mexico City Policy", which prohibits non-U.S. nongovernmental organizations receiving family planning funding to inform the public or educate its citizens to have the option of safe abortions. It also prohibits them to provide abortion services or advice on getting an abortion to any women.  While we recognize that there is a decades-old discussion about abortion, our intent is to allow women to have access to healthcare in regions that have been ravaged by acts of war.  

The Global Gag Rule is used to deny women any type of healthcare not related to abortions.  Additionally, the rule restricts a basic right to speech and on the right to make informed healthcare decisions.  The rule also harms the health, lives, and livelihood of poor women by making it impossible to access family planning services (Source: Center for Health and Gender Equity).

 Impact of Global Gag Rule on Women's Health and Rights
Under the global gag rule, foreign NGOs are forced to choose between one of two options:

• Accept U.S. family planning funds and be prohibited from providing abortion counseling, referrals, or even advocacy efforts and from providing abortions outside of the three exceptions of rape, incest, and medical necessity.

• Refuse U.S. family planning funds and attempt to secure alternative sources of funding in order to keep health clinics open, continue providing a range of sexual and reproductive health services to clients, and continue advocating for law reforms to reduce unsafe abortion.

We urge you to sign our petition on the basis that women need health care options not dictated by any government or rule!



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