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Tax bottled water

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Everyone drinks bottled water; hydrating your body is important, but bottled water is far different from tap. The negative aspects of bottled water far outnumber the positives. Bottled water may harm the consumer and the environment with each purchase. Unhealthy chemicals can leech into the water harming you, and watch where you dispose of that bottle because tons of unnecessary plastic ends up in the landfill. Bottled water may not be healthy, why not place a high tax on bottled water so people use environmentally friendly tap water in a reusable container.

Bottled water, just water in a plastic disposable container right? It's not that simple. “If some bottled water is exposed to extreme heat or cold toxins can leach … into the water” (Brunelle, Lynn. “Think about What You Drink.”) And “The longer that water sits in that plastic the more likely that more chemicals from the plastic will merge into the water”(ABC Premium News. Points of View Reference Center.) You will never know how long that water has been in the plastic because all they show you is the expirations date not the production date. “Pipes can leach lead or rust into tap water” (Brunelle, Lynn. “Think about What You Drink.”) You can filter that out but whereas who has time to install a filter over every bottle of plastic bottled water?

See those ice capped mountains on the package? Read the word “pure”? Those may just be straight up lies. The marketer uses pesky strategies to get you attention “using words such as ‘pure’ and ‘nature's best’ and displaying ice capped mountains on the packaging changes the consumer's perspective on the product” (ABC Premium News. Points of View Reference Center.) Don't fall for those tricks “half of all bottled water is just filtered tap water” (Knopper, Melissa. “Bottled Water BACKLASH.”) The bottles may say “Eco friendly” or “minus 10% of plastic used on bottled” but it still makes almost the same amount of waste “It takes 15 million barrels of oil per year to make all the bottled water in America” (Knopper, Melissa. “Bottled Water BACKLASH.”) All that oil just to make it? It doesn't even matter that much that they don't use much plastic for the bottles.

The beautiful back ground on the packaging is masking the all the waste that the bottles actually make. Yes they are recyclable “Plastic bottles are made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) a material that is easily recyclable” (“Banning Sale of Bottled Water ‘Not a Radical Idea,’ Says Hamilton Councillor.”) But people ignore this feature of bottled water “only every 2 in 10 bottles are recycled” (Brunelle, Lynn. “Think about What You Drink.”) That's only 20% of all bottles! This has resulted in “more than 4 billions pounds of plastic ends up in landfills and along road sides' year.” (Brunelle, Lynn. “Think about What You Drink.”) Talk about wasteful!

All these negatives and millions of people still drink bottled water instead of easy tap in reusable containers. The toxins remain consumed by millions of people daily, harming them silently. Switching to tap water in reusable containers will be more healthy and greatly benefit the environment. Please join my cause to tax bottle water greatly so people won't be harmed and so won't the environment.

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