Support US teachers to educate children against gun crime & encourage non violence

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Last Thursday, Donald Trump proposed arming teachers as a response to the Parkland gun massacre, his suggestion was met with widespread horror and ridicule.

Quote from a US teacher this week:

I can’t have a master key to the building to do work at the weekends.

I can’t have the copy code for the office copy machine.

I am not allowed to email the superintendent.

The copy machine in rationed and I only get 30 sheets per month.

I don’t get to choose the text book for my class.

I can only choose from pre-selected comments on the report cards.

I get $200 per year in budget money per year for 400 students.

I have to beg to get a sub to attend the state conference, and pay my own registration fees, hotel charges, and travel costs

Instead of arming teachers with guns, Trump and his government should be arming teachers with support, skills and funding they require to nuture talent, encouraging future generations, community and anti-violence.

I suggest we need a little less tweeting and little more listening and learning.