Petition Against Government Violations of the 2nd and 5th Amendments

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We, the American people, are tired of the total disregard for the highest of laws of this country.  Without rule of law, this country as we know it would cease to exist.  All politicians swore to defend the Constitution, but many routinely violate their oath by trying to destroy its intent.  This is a tyrannical, criminal act that does not go unnoticed.

Gun and due process rights are heavily under attack and have been the rights most violated over the last several decades.  These inalienable rights were identified by our founding fathers as a means to protect us from Government overreach.  Even without this document citing our 2A rights, self protection of life and property is a  Natural right of a free people.

Your recent statements indicate you may intend to disregard due process as outlined in the 5th Amendment in order to violate our 2nd Amendment rights.  May I remind you of the oath you took and to review the very texts our founding fathers wrote to prevent this.  (5A)"... nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law" and (2A)"shall not be infringed".  Do not let the Marxist/Socialist ideology from the Democrats or their controlled media sway you.  Their only agenda is people control, which goes against the very intent of the creation of our great Republic.  The acts of a of mentally deficient criminal, compounded by incompetent members of the FBI and Broward law enforcement is not a valid reason to relinquish the rights of the millions of law abiding citizens.

We, the people, demand that you adhere to the highest laws of this land, keep your campaign promises and stop this active pursuit of the infringement of our 2nd and 5th Amendment rights.  Keep your oath Mr. President.

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