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Support an educator's open letter to Donald Trump

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As a North Carolina public school teacher who deeply cares about her students, I want Mr. Trump to know what it was like November 9th. I'm asking you to sign this petition to insist that he read and respond to this open letter by directly addressing the youth of America and explaining what he will do to guarantee the safety and security of ALL our children. Please comment if you are an educator and experienced or are experiencing similar situations. Forward together.

November 14th, 2016

To Mr. Donald J. Trump,

You need to know what it was like as a public school teacher on Wednesday, November 9th. A colleague of mine commented that it was the hardest day to be an educator since September 11th. They could not have put it any better. Never before have I witnessed absolute terror due to the results of a presidential election. Never before have I seen my students riddled with symptoms of PTSD ranging from fear and anxiety to numbness. My colleagues and I were asked, “Is it safe for me as a student of color to be at school? Are my uncles still going to be legally married under Trump? Is Roe v. Wade going to be overturned? How can we teach men to respect us when our future president assaults women? Will we be deported?” The last question was not isolated to my school alone. Our assistant superintendent had to make the rounds to our elementary schools in particular because our K-5 children were so utterly terrified that teachers were unable to teach.

One of my white male students said what was on everyone’s mind through sobs. “What’s going to happen to all of you? How can I look any of you in the eye when I represent the only demographic truly valued by this man’s ideology? What do we do now?

So I ask you, sir, what do we do now? You have established a reputation as a hatemonger and bully via your presidential campaign. How are you going to turn this perception around and assure all our children that they are loved, valued, and respected by this country and its leaders? What steps will you take to reign in the hateful acts being committed? I'm referring to the swastikas, threats, assaults, and graffiti popping up all across the country. I'm talking about violence in schools committed against your supporters and opponents alike. When will you speak to young people directly about these hateful words and acts? As the next president of the United States it is your responsibility to be a leader and role model for future generations of leaders. What kind of leaders will they grow up to be if they continue to watch the most powerful individual in the country openly spout hateful vitriol and incite violence against his opponents over the next four years? 

We need to know. We need to know now. Contrary to popular belief, teachers are not in this business for the money. We get up every day because we love our students and want the best for them. To see them wracked with fear and uncertainty is something that we cannot and will not abide. Respect existence or expect resistance. 


Amy Olsen


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