Sue/Muzzle Robyn Freytag for defamation of character of Jillian Mai Thi Epperly

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Jilly Juice Rocks!!!

Robin Freytag is actively slandering me and my PROTOCOL with unsubstantiated claims that my protocol killed hospice patient Bruce Wilmot and there was NEVER any suggested direct correlation to that effect CONFIRMED SO HA!! She and her MERRY BAND of trolls AND trollets Bwahah have taken an active campaign to harass and visciously ATTACK anyone who is getting amazing results from my PROTOCOL. They refuse to read the SCIENCE BASED UPON ACADEMIA as well as refuse to learn ANYTHING but to ONLY SLANDER AND CANNIBALIZE THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS. Please stop this obvious campaign to destroy new thought processes and please stop their gang stalking and obvious harassment through social media and other electronic means.

If you are a lawyer who is on my protocol and willing to go toe-to-toe with people who were obviously breaking the law, you can totally make a name for yourself and be famous and vindicate everyone that's ever made a revolutionary protocol who is getting backlash from the competition!!