Stronger Penalties For Those Committing Violence Against Law Enforcement!

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In the past 5 weeks, 10 Colorado officers shot, 3 of whom have been killed in the line of duty... Back in 2015, Presidential Candidate Donald Trump called for the death penalty in cases of attacks on law enforcement. Donald Trump was elected as President of the United States and took office in January 2017, and since that time, approximately 138 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty. Enough is enough!! President Trump it is time for action in this matter, please live up to your promise and help our Brothers and Sisters in Blue!!! Please make the injury or death to a Law Enforcement Officer a capital crime/offense with the penalties strong and tough enough that offenders will know that we as a country, a community, an authority, and most importantly we as families and friends have had enough!! We have as a nation for the most part have always made the punishment fit the crime and in example, a person who commits treason in the United States shall be punish by death or a 5 yr sentence. By gunning down or committing an act of violence against a Law Enforcement Officer these offenders are in fact committing a form of treason and we ask that as they take away a human life, they too be taken away from society in whatever fashion be necessary. We ask that an individual who takes the life of a Law Enforcement Officer be given a Life Sentence, Death Penalty if deemed necessary, and a minimum of 20 years without parole for using violence against a Law Enforcement Officer during the course of their duties.