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Stricter gun laws in America

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An important issue that’s present right now in America is the decision of whether there should be stricter laws on firearms or not. There should be stricter gun laws since they’re creating an abundance of problems that can be avoided. Many times I have watched the news, and a lot of the news stories are conflicts that emerged in America that involve guns with ordinary citizens. These highly powerful and deadly weapons are in the hands of most people in America and if somebody that’s driven to the point of using it in a negative way then it has the potential to cause catastrophe and that’s why there has to be a change to this. This issue is politically significant since there are many people who are for and against this. Some people may say that guns can be used for self defence and that they’re helpful it some situations, but other who most likely don’t own a gun say that they’ve created more problems than they have solved. Many people can be affected because currently there are more guns in the U.S than citizens and putting stricter rules on them would cause for a lot of change for many people. Finally, the impact may or may not be long lasting since there are conflicting opinions about this issue and it may change in the future. To conclude, implementing stricter gun laws in the U.S would inflict a lot of change and may cause a lot of conflict but I personally think that it will benefit the U.S positively in the long run. By supporting this petition it is proving that gun laws in America can have a negative impact on Canadian citizens as well.. 


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