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Stop Wasting Paper in Schools

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Teachers keep printing and printing paper for students to fill out, check then throw away at the end of the year. Not only is this a waste of paper, but paper can get heavy. Especially if it has been gathering up in a binder for so long. This can be too heavy for students to carry. And it is a waste of resources. Many countries cannot educate their students because they don't have paper or computer technology. Whereas in countries in Africa and Asia, they don't even have computers in their schools. Paper is a precious resource that most people spend in crazy amounts.

Textbooks easily become obsolete. One day, you have this brand-new textbook, and then the following years, there’s already a second, third, and fourth editions of the book, making it hard to keep up. It’s even more burdensome for the students, who have to buy newer editions of textbooks every year. On the other hand, there’s usually no need to buy new e-books, since they are automatically updated with the latest information for free. Though the initial cost of an e-book reader is higher than paper, it helps save up on costs both on the part of the students and the teachers in the long run. 

Schools have discovered that managing documents electronically can help reduce risk and increase efficiency in their institutions. There’s no longer any need to do things manually, when they could be accomplished faster electronically. There are many paperless tools that enable better organization, like the Kami software, which allows you to view, edit, annotate, and share all your files with your team, paving the way for collaboration. Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and many more all serve the same purpose. Documents are available to you anytime and anywhere, and you don’t even need to carry a bulk of papers around.

On average, a person in the United States uses more than 700 pounds of paper every year. Paper in the U.S. represents one of the biggest components of solid waste in landfills – 26 million tons (or 16% of landfill solid waste) in 2009. Paper that students carry around in their backpacks, is also a leading cause of student back pains. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, during the 2011-12 school year more than 13,700 kids, aged 5 to 18, were treated for backpack-related injuries. Although I am not saying paper should be completely removed, I do support the usage being drastically decreased. 

Being able to go and find schoolwork online and typing it up not only builds required typing skills for when you are older, but it also is easier to work with. When a student forgets their homework at school, they face the struggle of either having to go to school without their homework, or printing it out at home. This once again, wastes paper. 

Using the current technology we have as a partial replacement for paper wastage would be a great deed to helping save our planet Earth. 

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